Training Stress Scores – ATL and CTLs

Training Stress Scores - ATL and CTLs

Today’s post is about Training Metrics

First: Some acronyms
CTL = Chronic Training Load
ATL = Acute Training Load
TSS = Training Stress Score
TSB = Training Stress Balance

Using a tool to monitor the duration of your exercise and the intensity either through heart rate or power (watts) can give you a TSS.
Basically, by Power , 100 TSS is 1 hour at your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

The Chronic Training Load (CTL) relates to the load you have been putting your body with training stress over the last 6 weeks . This is measures your FITNESS.

The Acute Training Load (ATL) is a much more short term measurement and it relates to training you have been doing over the last 5 – 10 days. Of course, this would your

Lastly, the Training Stress Balance would relate to High CTL and Low ATL = READY TO RACE or FORM.

So put your time in now and watch your investment grow over time. Remember to back off towards the a week before the race. The length of the race the more backing off.

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