Discussing Cryptocurrency Nano with a high school student.

Recently, I had a quick call with a high school student who has become increasingly interested in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency projects.

He has expressed a lot of enthusiasm around Nano particularly its speed and limited transaction costs.


This brief conversation was recorded for both including as podcast content but also utilizing the meeting notes transcribing platform.


Here’s the transcription:

Unknown Speaker 0:00
immunity is very active with on creating platforms kind of built on and around nano. Because so it’s completely distributed right now. And the way that in order to have adoption and defeat the purpose trying to get it from an exchange, where you have to pay fees, that defeats the purpose of having instant and Felix, they’re trying to just spread nano around through a bunch of small projects, like the one I mentioned, the Pokemon Go, like one gives out ridiculous amounts of the recent increase. And they haven’t added this yet, but what I suspect they’re going to do because they have a business variant of the app, is they’re going to act as like a medium and right now they’re just trying to spread it around and increase adoption.

Unknown Speaker 0:57
Interesting. Yeah, that’s, that’s interesting. Okay, okay. Um, okay. So I get the, the growth and the adoption strategy and get it sort of distributed and utilized or, or in in production, you know, more production. It seems like

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As you can tell, the quality of the speech-to-text was limited. Here are the brief points that were discussed.

  1. Why isn’t Nano listed on an Exchange?
  2. Platforms built around Nano – “Ecosystem”
  3. Fee-Less
  4. Pokomon Go “Faucet” for currency
  5. Increase adoption – Growth Strategy – Distributed