Hardware Security Key – Ledger Nano S – U2F

In order to provide another layer of security, you can include a hardware key with a private key to authenticate with services like GMAIL or Github.

This hardware key support storing cryptocurrencies along with its U2F (Universal 2 Factor) authentication. There are other hardware key like the Yubikey NEO which can utilize NFC and operates as a U2F but it doesn’t have an LCD and secure element for storage of funds like the Ledger Nano.

Lastly, the Ledger Nano S allows for multi-cryptocurrency support from Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dash. Private key security is maintained with 24 words Mnemonic. Their latest firmware support plausible deniability too.

Here are Unboxing Videos:

Along with LCD screen and included guides.

So far I have been using for almost a year and it works really well.