Intensity and what it means to you. -Jorge Luna PodCast #4


Show Notes Podcast 4:

Jorge involved with Teacher Training in August

Back in Los Angeles —-Sept. 2013

David Lynch – Teacher Training – YogaWorks.

Palm Springs Yoga Retreat

Oct 17 – 20

Thursday – Sunday

Morning practice – Friday, Jorge Cooking , Detox practice, Bodyworker available

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  1. Intensity !

Critical point.

yogic perspective – every pose should have a certain ease and intensity

Warrior #1 as a example

BREATH as a measurement.   No calm.

What is the appropriate level of intensity ?  We default to our personality.  Some might have too much intensity and others with too little intensity.


Different levels of performance – Past your point of comfort


two questions – Intention  and Body Types.


In West – The intention and intensity are the same

For example –  specific tasks – intention helps the gauge intensity.

Yoga – Heat and pressure to purify the body. —-

Be aware when intensity is BECOMING “Judgemental”

“Negative Play “  –Intensity overwhemling.


Addiction –  Rajas – Applies to work.

A DISCHARGE is needed.

Calm them down…..

Breathing exercise.

Took Jorge 18 months to fully discharge

Easier in Rajas to calm them down

Harder to bring people up.

Need enough fire to bring them up.


What is the appropriate level for YOU.

Review the process.

Check in with your breath .  Mirror

Attracted to Caffine and Sugar

Endurance workouts: require patience and commitment so that intensity can be sustained

Is competition a good stimulant for intensity? How does this translate into a successful realization of your good or activity?

Does too much intensity lead to burn-out? yes!!! So why do we think more intensity is better for workouts and staying healthy?

Is intensity addictive? Yes! in yogic terms this type of energy is called rajas: it’s explosive, heating, expansive.

tamas – lazy


Balancing – Rajas and Tamas

Sympathic (Fight or Flight) – Digestion stops Adreline  vs. Para-Sympathic  (Linked to breath, longer the breath , calm, digestion is steady, recovery


It should be noted that individuals in the west often need a discharge in order to cope with current levels of stress and emotional backup.

What happens when you get burned out? Depression, fatigue, exhaustion?

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