Brain Series – Introduction

brain Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor and all the supplements and recommendations listed in this post should be considered carefully. The Brain.   That mass that we carry around all day and from which comes our “ideas” and “thinking” needs love.

Sometimes it works well and other times not so well. This series is dedicated to helping you optimize the brain and its performance. Hopefully, it’ll help you to motivate for the next task  or get into the zone.

For the majority of us, feeling that we are ready to go is 99{43863adf827a03d4f1e5d69dc00969fa304fd977cb48f43b4a1f7a8f6cace59b} of the goal. The Brain Series will cover supplements specifically that can be used to provide the fuel and cocktail for powering the electrical system.

However, like any supplement , you’ll need to balance the brain’s needs to rest and recovery.  Nothing beats the power of 9+ hours of sleep.  In addition, reduction of stimulation via EMF and screens is necessary to benefit from the effects of boosting the brain’s horsepower.

We cover

#1 – Choline


#2 – Caffeine

#3 – DHA




#5 – Alpha Brain

#6 –  Racetams (Piracetam,  Phenylpiracetam)

The purpose of this series is to provide for the beginner a background on brain supplements that are available and some of the experiences using each.  While some of the products and experience of using these supplements may vary, I attempted to approach the subject with a eye to enhancements that can be used by anyone.



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