Podcast #9 – Grief and Loss Show Notes

Podcast #9  – Show Notes

Grief and Loss and where Yoga fits in


4 major steps  (wide range of emotions).


1. Shock – Overwhemled then deinal (not true)

2. Intense concern – Fixating on the loss – Reminders – Fixation (6month to a Year)

3.  Despair or Depression (Longest step).  Come to terms . Religious questions.

4. Recovery – NOT eliminatation of pain.  Renewed interest in life.  Comes back to normal.  Loss is a important part of you.  Integration of the event into our identity .


West says = LEARN TO COPE.  Less about integration.


Time heals all wounds.


Where does time fit in ?


Pain. About embracing pain ?


Yoga is NOT religion it’s a philosophy –  calm , more stabler and happier.


Most religions –single god is a source.  we die we return to the source.   We are all one. –Buddha, Christ


Yoga –  Every has a spriit  — It’s up to you.


Pursha (Soul, Eternity, doesn’t suffer, divine – unquie – A SOUL

Priki – (Life)

GOAL = What is Pursha and what Prakiti ?


Namaste – Divine light in me recognizes the divine light in you.


Physical body – Even if the person dies, outward manifestion is no longer the same.  Relationship can be just a real.


Questions and Answers:


John asks –  I’m a 50 year old man that has never done Yoga.  How do I get started and not be embarrassed. ?


—First , go to studio beginner class,  empty my cup and no expectations.

Iyengar Yoga  – Good beginner yoga

Establish a relationship with a teacher


Talk about pre-existing conditions.


A heart relationship with your teacher.

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