Project Cars – Virtual and Reality

Recently, I purchased Project Cars for the Sony PS4.  After a fair amount of research (, I decided on Project CARS vs. DriveClub.   DriveClub seems to have some good course but as a pure racing simulation, Project CARS is tough to beat.  I think the graphics are impressive.

Project Cars

In parallel, the Los Angeles Auto show came to town and I decided to shoot some cars with my Sony A7 and Sony 55mm Prime Lens.  The Sony 55mm lens is the best prime lens I have ever used and it’s hard to shoot a bad photo. (

Shooting with F1.8 allows you to bring in tons of outside light and play with other dials like ISO and shutter speed.


I believe the sport wagon will become a popular category especially as we see more and more hybrid concepts like the Scion’s below.


Any Los Angeles Auto Show would be complete without showing off the Porsche room.  This dedicated room allows them to showcase their brand and various models they offer.  Sadly, the Porsche Spyder 918 wasn’t available this year and the lighting was HORRIBLE. Too bright !

Porsche GT4

In conclusion, have fun driving wherever you are and whatever you drive.  Take lots of photos too.   My best of show at LA Auto Show was the Porsche GT4 Cabriolet racing machine.  GT4 Cabriolet

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