Moji Massage Tool – Great Travel tool for athletes

Sore muscles? Downtime before a race and stretch the tense muscles out ? Traveling to a race and want to start the recovery process quickly after the event ? Check out the Moji Massage Tool. Here’s a little video

JuiceCrafters Smoothie – Recovery

So I had the “Craftsman” at Juicecrafters make a “Anti-Inflamation” smoothie.  Here the ingredients. 1. Almond Milk 2. Ginger 3. Chia Seeds 4. Tumeric 5. Kale (Love it) 6. Banana The only piece I would take except to is the granola:  TOO MUCH #Omega3

JuiceCrafters Visit #1

  My visit to JuiceCrafters .  This is paradise.  Healing energy and food. #Health #Juicecrafters  @juicecrafters

Sleep – Recovery – Reset Hormones

Getting adequate rest after training is critical. With a busy daily schedule fueled by Coffee Coffee and more #Coffee Having the ability to reset your body and mind is critical. I have found that Yogi Bedtime tea helps. Many sleep aids use some sort of Valerian Root to help with calming the body down.