There’s an amazing training and race supplement that improves your performance and is very simple to use.


Now, SALT is actually very complex and get have different mineral balances.  Fortunately , SaltStick has come up with a formula that works. There use of magnesium is essential to endurance sports.

I once had an Ultra runner say :   During training or racing , you can’t have TOO much salt.  It’s actually true.  You body will naturally balance the fluids and in fact most of the time we have too much water and the necessary electro-chemical transports are missing = SALT.

Saltstick’s Jonathan Toker is an engineer and world-class endurance athlete at heart.  His friendly smile shows the power of this product.  He’s healthy.  

Over the last couple years, Jonathan and SaltStick has tweaked their formula.  Now they have added Caffeine to the mix with help move the minerals through the muscles and circulation.

Lastly, I want to mention that SaltStick uses Sodium Citrate not Chloride.  This is critical since Citrate is easier on the stomach. 

Go get your SaltStick and a easy to carry stick for the tablets at TriSports.

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