What is “Fitness” ?

Another great podcast listen today.  Bulletproof Exec # 26 with book “Body by science” by author Dr. Doug McGuff

Here’s the link: Body by Science


The following caught my attention:

“Anabolic vs. Canabolic state – Fitness is physiological headroom –  output above a rest baseline – stress to create adaptive change – Analabolic bringing in nutrition  – Canabolic introducing stress .  Sleep vs. wakefulness .  Exercise vs. Recovery” 

In addition, the topic of Heart Rate variability (HRV) came up again especially with:

Cardiac Output – Increase in Stroke volume not beats – Maintaining Beat to Beat  – Stroke volume goes up-  How much blood fills the heart.  Time between beats.  Heart beats HARDer not Faster.

Heart Plastisity demands in a short period of time equates to Cardic Health.  Trained the plasticity of intervals.  

Studies have shown Endurance athletes issues with atriole fibration.  


Lower variability is shown by HeartMath Scientist: Roland McCreedy –> HEART MATH 

Furthermore, 1-minute intervals are also shown to affect aerobic metabolism which is the ability to have the mitochondria fuel feeding. 

Start with Glycolysis which converts to Pyruvate

  Anabolic  – Lactate = Lactic Acid  .

Heart is tuned into the TOTAL cell not just Mitochondria.

  Aerobic = Cardio is FALSE !! 

1min Intervals


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